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Danny was born in Tehran-Iran and at age 16 began learning the guitar from his roommate while living in Israel. For three years, Danny continued to practice pop and play lead guitar in Israel, using self-training methods. Then, he immigrated to the U.S. and started to study in lead guitar, rhythm, blues, and rock. He played in an American rock band called “Dominoteri.” In 1988, Danny gravitated toward Classical and Flamenco guitar through a musician friend, Homayun Shapoori. Then he took lessons from several guitar masters such as Masestro Vicente Gomez and Bonito Palacios. In 1998, he started playing Tar and learning Persian traditional music under Pirayeh Poorafar and Ahmad Rahmanipoor’s guidance.

Farid was born in Tehran-Iran. He was introduced to music at age eight when he started to play keyboard. Having played keyboard for four years he began playing guitar at age twelve. Later on he got acquainted to classical music under the direct supervision of Garnik Ohaninan, his great guitar instructor. With the knowledge he gained and skills he built up by both playing keyboard and the extensive training of his guitar instructor, he soon began to construct his own melodies under the influence of three different styles: classical, flamenco and Mediterranean. After his migration to the U.S. Farid continued practicing his passion extensively until he met Danny. Finally, the two music scavengers decided to create and establish a new version of fusion music, which is a combination of Classical, Flamenco, Rock, Blues and Mediterranean.